A World Of Accordions Museum invites you to take a quick thumbnail glimpse below at just some 
of the accordions, figurines, and related artifacts contained in the museum's displays.
For more
, simply come make a visit to the museum where you'll see "up close" the 
beautiful details of the many wonderful instruments and rare items on display !
Since the images below were taken, many more additions have been made to the collection.

Due to the dedication and hard work of museum curator Helmi Harrington, 
we have the vast majority of items in this extensive collection, however visitors will note that 
there are also many items donated by individuals and families.  Perhaps you know of an 
accordion or related item (such as a picture, sheet music, or figurine) that belongs
in the museum collection?  If so, please let us know of it.  Contributions and items donated 
in dedication to or in memory of loved ones are "so noted" with proper recognition
 in the displays alongside such items.

Special recognition and thanks to volunteers Audrey & Emil Meitzner for their continuing ceaseless contributions 
of time and effort at the museum !
And a special thanks to museum volunteer David Haggemann for his photography !

( Click on an image below to enlarge it ! )

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  Museum is open only Mon-Tues-Wed, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, most weeks of the year.  
  Admission is charged.  Group discounts available in some cases. 
  If traveling from a distance, calling in advance is recommended ! 
   ( 715-395-2787 [ARTS] )  

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