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The Hanni Strahl Concert Hall... "Dedicated to Remembering the Old World in the New"

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		    A World of Accordions Museum

Displays:		"The magnificent 1000 Accordions" and their predecessors

Special:		Charles Magnante Collection and Exhibit
		Hugo Herrmann Collection and Exhibit
		Traveling Displays and Exhibits

News from the Museum:	(Special articles about individual instruments or museum items)

Artifacts		* Cultural connectors to world music
		* Art works and figurines
		* Music and Personalities

Library		* Music:	Hundreds of thousands of titles in published and manuscript formats
			Organized by:	Composers collected works
					Categorical Ordering
					Solo-Orchestral Categories
		* Books:	Accordion history and manufacture
			Catalogs and Listings
			Advertisements and Dating
			Theory and Philosophy
			Aesthetics and Perception

		* Periodical Publications (worldwide):	*   "Encore" 1903-55
		*   Accordion magazines
		*   Association Newsletters

		* Music Student Reference Section
			Recordings:  	Sound (cylinders, LPs, magnetic tape, CDs)

Original Research Division:	* Organology - Taxonomy
			* Research Projects
			* Accordion Patents
			* Kinesiology for Musicians

Museum Memberships	* Write for details
			* Quarterly Newsletters
			* Help us become a National Museum

Special Publications	* The Charles Magnante Story
			* Introduction to Accordion Family Instruments

Museum Gift Shop		* Musical Gifts
			* Special Accordion Items
			* Rarities - Antiques
			* Music and Accessories
			* Special Promotions

Community Interactions	Performances and lectures available

		                                Volunteers and Donations are Welcome !
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